We are not born women of color. We become women of color. In order to become women of color, we would need to become fluent in each others’ histories, to resist and unlearn an impulse to claim first oppression, most-devastating oppression, one-of-a-kind oppression, defying comparison oppression. We would have to unlearn an impulse that allows mythologies about each other to replace knowing about one another. We would need to cultivate a way of knowing in which we direct our social, cultural, psychic, and spiritually marked attention on each other. We cannot afford to cease yearning for each others’ company.


#Israel is a War Criminal

Title: Landing Feet First

Artist: Bayside

Played: 4675 times


3RD ST 63 AVE by Luz Orozco, Acrylic paint and colored pencil on black paper

"I immigrated to the United States in 2001 when I was four years old and this was the first house we lived in… Since I was so small I don’t have a clear memory of this house so I asked my mom and I used photos to make a series of this first home. Using my mom’s memory, mine, and photos, I created a new version of what this house was like. The flat colors and empty spaces represent my basic memory and how I could never fully understand what this home meant to the rest of my family."

From Rad Girl Collective Vol.1 Issue 1: First Times

emies PEER PRESSURED me into getting my nose pierced.


Title: So Long, Marianne

Artist: Leonard Cohen

Played: 1375 times

Orange Is the New Black?

Orange Is the New Black.