emies PEER PRESSURED me into getting my nose pierced.


Title: So Long, Marianne

Artist: Leonard Cohen

Played: 1367 times

Orange Is the New Black?

Orange Is the New Black.

"I’m from Mexico"

"Oh cool, when’s the last time you visited your family?"




Here’s a masterpost of all the movies, writings, speeches, and shows featuring the loveliest lady around: Laverne Cox. Please feel free to tell me if any of the links are bad(unfound movies/shows: Carla, Grand Street, and I Want to Work for Diddy).

Musical Chairs(2011) // The Exhibitionists(2012) // 36 Saints(2013)

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit(Closet) // Law & Order(Sweetie) // Bored to Death(Stockholm Syndrome) // TRANSform Me(NicoleChristinaCarissaMarleceLindseyTiffanyJackiePhaea)

orange is the new black
season 1(I Wasn’t ReadyTit Punch, Lesbian Request DeniedBlood Donut, The Chickening, WAC PackFucksgivingBora Bora BoraCan’t Fix Crazy) // season 2(Looks Blue, Tastes Red, Hugs Can Be DeceivingA Whole Other Hole, You Always Have a PizzaComic SansAppropriately Sized Pots, Little Mustachioed ShitTake a Break from Your ValuesIt Was the ChangeWe Have Manners. We’re Polite.)

The Bullies Don’t Draw a Distinction // Lorena Escalera: A Life that Mattered // Trans Womanhood on Trial: Transmisogyny in the Assault Trial of Former FDNY Firefighter Taylor Murphy // Black, LGBT, American: Laverne Cox // Gender Anti-Anxiety Medicine // Transgender Freedom Riders: The Fight for Transgender Equality in New York State // Everybody’s Trans: Gender Oppression Hurts All of Us // Cece McDonald: Survivor and Leader // Hung up on Our Bullies // The Right to Dream: Jenna Talackova’s Miss Universal Slight

Laverne Cox at Creating Change 2014 // Hampshire College 2014 Commencement // Bullying and Being a Trans Woman of Color // Laverne Cox at Trans 100 // My Journey to Womanhood

Queen Laverne!