For the fourth year since 2010 undocumented immigrants will be taking the streets of Chicago to declare that we are undocumented, unafraid and unstoppable. With that, presenting this year’s theme for Illinois: 

Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets: Undocumented, Unafraid and Unstoppable: 

> Deferred Action will not stop us
> Deportations will not stop us
> ICE will not stop us
> Detention will not stop us. 

The focus will be on people who continue to be targeted by immigration enforcement and criminalized by police and immigration agents. That is, people who do not qualify for DACA, people in deportation proceedings, people in detention or who have been in detention, immigrants who have been criminalized. 

Every year, the national coming out of the shadows day helps highlight the unheard stories in our immigrant communities, and put a spotlight on the stories of the people who this immigration system deems “illegal” and deportable. 

As DHS continues to break records on the number of people removed from their homes (over 409,000 fiscal year 2012), as immigration reform based on enforcement and punishment is discussed, and as our families continue to be criminalized and separated, the voices and stories of those directly affected needs to be part of the dialogue. This is one way of making sure that our stories and our opinions are heard. 

11 AM Marchers gather at Union Park, 12 PM March step-off, 45 min expected walking time

12:30 PM Pre-Rally music and performances begin at Federal Plaza, 12:50 PM Welcoming of the marchers

1:00 PM National National Coming Out of the Shadows Rally / Dia Nacional de Salir de las Sombras begins.